Christmas Event In A Box

We are thrilled to participate with you in getting this book sold through your bookstore. To help, we've created this treasure trove of support materials to help you market. We want you to know that through this Christmas season, we will be available to support your efforts with this "Event in a box." Use what works for you, and please reach out if there is anything we can do or any questions we can answer. We also wish to pray for you and your events . So be sure to let us know what you are doing. May the Legend of Christmas and the Christ he worshipped be the cornerstone of our season.

1. Video of Santa Reading

Download and play Santa Reading The Legend of Chrismas

Writing a letter to Santa is a special memory in childhood. Download and print pages for your customers to take home.

3. Advent Calendar

Daily Calendar Display shows shoppers how many "sleeps" until Christmas along with a scripture for each day.

4. Coloring Page

Download and pring a stack of coloring pages for your littlest customers.

5. Store Outreach

Prison and Foster care ministries opptunities for your store and patrons to participate in this Christmas.

6. Author Event

St. Nicholas Day is December 6. Celebrate it with either a personal or virtual author event.